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We design different styles` stainless steel pans including capsulated and heavy-bottomed pan,uncoated and non-stick saucepan,5 ply frying pan and sheet pan etc.

OEM Stainless Steel Pan manufacturer

Mars is a vigorous manufacturer and designer of various stainless steel pans.We produce original style and high-quality pans for the global market.

Stainless Steel Pan Manufacturer In China

We are a stainless steel pan manufacturer in China,Our company specializes in producing a wide range of pans that include different sizes of stainless steel pans, capsulated and heavy-bottomed pans, uncoated and non-stick pans, and multi-ply and single-ply pans. We have the capability to customize our products based on your specific market demands.

We are continually applying innovative techniques to produce various pan body shapes and handle styles to meet your diverse needs. We offer handle production materials such as stainless steel, alloy aluminum, bakelite etc. Surface treatments include electroplating, satin polishing, mirror polishing, coating, silicone wrapping, and more. Our products have a dynamic style that is suitable for all consumer preferences.

Additionally, we offer personalized options that fulfill your distinct requirements. Kindly, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain our professional services.

Features Of Stainless Steel Pans

Heavy bottom stainless steel pan

Heavy bottom stainless steel pan

The heavy bottom stainless steel pan features a sandwich bottom construction that adopts two thick aluminum sheets and one thick iron sheet within its core,therefore,the three thick metal sheets, along with the stainless steel sheet at the bottom, add a lot of weight to the entire pan.When we pick it up these pans, you will feel very heavy.

Uncoated stainless steel frying pan

Uncoated stainless steel frying pan

The uncoated stainless steel frying pans offer an excellent option for those who desire to use chemical-free cookware in their kitchen. These frying pans are made from premium food-grade  stainless steel, providing exceptional durability and longevity. The raw materials of the frying pans ensure that you will not touch any chemicals and safe for use with any type of food. 

Large stainless steel saucepan

Large stainless steel saucepan

Our large stainless steel saucepan is a must-have cookware for large families,with its impressive 40cm diameter and capacity of 10 quarts,this saucepan is perfect for preparing meals for entertaining lots of guests.It has been constructed from the high quality stainless steel and riveted with a strong and bulk handle, ensuring its longevity and suitability for everyday use.

Stainless steel skillet set

Stainless steel skillet set

We offer a variety of stainless steel skillet sets to choose from, with diameters ranging from 16cm, 18cm, 20cm to 40cm, and different heights designed to suit various capacities. A big skillet is good for cooking for big families, while a small one is fit for one or two people usage. Having a complete skillet set is a must-have as it can fulfill different cooking requirements.

Stainless steel non stick pan

Stainless steel non stick pan

Our stainless steel non-stick pan is manufactured with top-of-the-line PTFE coating that have passed rigorous tests, including LFGB and FDA, to ensure that our customers can have peace of mind while cooking. At Mars, we prioritize the safety of our customers, and we take necessary precautions to provide them with products that are both safe and of high-quality.

Stainless steel frying pan with lid

Stainless steel frying pan with lid

The stainless steel frying pan with lid is necessary in every kitchen. It comes equipped with a crystal-clear glass lid that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. This feature enables you to keep a watchful eye on your culinary creations as they cook to perfection, without having to remove the lid and disrupt the cooking process.

stainless steel sheet pan 1

Stainless steel sheet pan

The stainless steel sheet pan is an ideal tools for cooking pancake,no edge design make you can watch the food middle and turn over it easily,the sizes are from 20cm to 30cm which can custom to sqare or letangle shapes.

Stainless steel saucepan with pour spout

Stainless steel saucepan with pour spout

Our stainless steel saucepan features a pour spout and a lid with drain holes to facilitate pouring sauces with ease once cooking is completed. The sleek design of our product ensures that it will blend seamlessly into any kitchen decor and provide ease of use for all cooking needs.

5 ply stainless steel frying pan

5 ply stainless steel frying pan

The 5 ply stainless steel frying pan is made using real 5 ply structure stainless steel sheets as raw material to stretch and form the whole body. As a characteristic of 5 ply stainless steel, this pan is high-grade and heavy. It is perfect in heat distribution, making it more efficient and helping cook food more deliciously.

Advantage of stainless steel pan

anti corrosion 1

Anti Corrosion

Mars’ stainless steel pans are produced using primary materials such as 201, 202, 304, or 316 with nickel content ranging from 3.5% to 12%. Nickel plays a key role in preventing rust, and as a result, our stainless steel pans made with 201 materials are adequately equipped to meet anti-corrosion needs.

heat preservation 1

Heat Preservation

Our stainless steel pans, no matter you choose capsulted bottom or real 5 ply stainless steel bottom, there will also be an aluminum sheet in the core. As a characteristic of aluminum, it can absorb heat quickly and evenly. Therefore, when we turn off the fire, the base acts as heat preservation.

easy washing 1

Easy Washing

Mars stainless steel pans are crafted with high-quality standard which is highly durable and easy washing,this is due to the superior quality of the raw material used in our construction, which ensures that food does not stick to the surface of the pan, making cleaning effortless.

Coating process of stainless steel pan

Our process for creating a non-stick layer on the customized stainless steel pot follows a detailed procedure to ensure the highest quality finished product. First, we sandblast the stainless steel surface to create a uniform circular arc of fine pits, promoting a stronger bond between the coating and the pot surface. We then clean the surface thoroughly with a volatile organic solvent cleaning agent. After this, we evenly apply a specially prepared PTFE coating solution, ensuring that every subtle pit is filled with paint. Finally, we place the pot into our oven, where it is baked at a controlled temperature of 220-230°C for 15 minutes, completing the non-stick layer. Rest assured that our precise attention to detail and premium materials guarantee a durable and efficient non-stick surface on your stainless steel pot.
coating 1
5 ply stainless steel pan

5 Ply Stainless Steel Pan

The 5 ply stainless steel has all the merit of 3 ply stainless steel,In the reference picture, it is evident that the internal structure of the 5-ply steel comprises two pieces of aluminum clip and 1 aluminum alloy, making it more durable and robust.Our 5 ply stainless steel pans exhibit better thermal conductivity and are highly uniform. Additionally, this material produces almost no oil smoke while cooking, and is good at heat preservation, ensuring that food remains hot even after switching off the stove, making it an ideal choice for stew dishes.While it is more expensive and heavier than other materials, but its comprehensive performance is excellent, so it is accepted by the majority of high-end families. The product can be relied upon to deliver exceptional cooking experiences, making it a smart choice for anyone who values quality in their kitchen.

Why Choose Us To Customize Stainless Steel Pans

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Mars has been dedicated to producing high-quality stainless steel pans for over ten years,we understand that the quality of our products is essential and therefore, we implement strict quality management practices for every order. With every shipment, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

When manufacturing stainless steel non-stick pans, we are even more meticulous and thorough by selecting only the best quality coating materials and implementing the most stringent processing processes. This ensures that every non-stick pan we produce passes the most rigorous tests, giving consumers complete peace of mind when using our products.

We take pride in providing customized materials, accessories, and processes to meet our customers’ specific needs, allowing us to offer a diverse selection of strategies that cater to high and low-grade markets and a range of consumer requirements. Our expert team works tirelessly to design the best plan for your target, always striving for a mutually beneficial outcome.

If you have any concerns or like to place a trial order,pls contact us.We would like to assist you any time. 

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We are confident that our expertise and experience in manufacturing stainless steel pots will ensure your satisfaction with us in future collaborations.

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