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Mars cookware sets show in homepage-2 different stainless steel cookware sets

The stainless steel cookware sets can be combined freely according to customers’ different grading requirements. Mars cookware would like to assist you in creating some special functional patterns for your market.

stainless steel pots shows

Mars cookware manufacturer offer stainless steel pots with various sizes and funtions,capsulated base with 5 ply or 3 ply structure,including soup pot,sauce pot,streamer pot,milk pot and pressure pot etc.

stainless steel pans shows

Custom stainless steel pans or saucepans are available with either non-stick coating or an uncoated option,and can come with a lid or spout as per your preference.Simply specify all the functions you need.Mars cookware manufacturer will work it out for you.

stainless steel camping cookwares at Mars cookware

Mars cookware factory combines stainless steel camping cookware, which is ideal for those who love to camp with their families or cook outdoors. We designed it to pack into a small bag that can be carried conveniently.

Mars - Professional Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturer In China

Mars is a cookware manufacturer that devoted to produce various stainless steel cookware which are including stainless steel pots and pans,cookware sets and outdoor camping cookware,basically our products can be satisfied with most consumers requirement in different markets.

Our factory has equipped auto production line,auto cutting machine,auto packing line etc modern machinery which can make us more efficiency with high quality standard and also send delivery quickly.

We are please to work with clients from all over the world.

Custom any stainless steel cookware for your market

Mars cookware manufacturer has the capability to customize any stainless steel cookware according to your design and requirements. Our engineers, with rich experience, will follow your project from samples to mass production. Our work team will oversee every detail of the cookware manufacturing process, ensuring that each delivery satisfies your requirements.

All you need to do is provide us with the necessary information for custom cookware, as outlined below;

For custom cookware manufacturers,it is imperative to start by determining the materials you wish to produce their cookware with, such as 201, 304, 202, 316, and others. Selecting the appropriate material, based on the grade required by your clients and target cost, is paramount to meeting your objectives.

Different thickness to produce the same pattern stainless steel cookware,just like 05mm,06mm,08mm,1mm and so on,there will be a big different in total cost,even the same material,so it`s also an important parameter for customization.

The specs are including diameter,height,capacity,handle,lid,knob ,packing and accessories requirement etc,just like pot 5L with diameter 24cm,then we need to caculate the wall inside height is 11cm.

Most clients have their own Logo or Brands now,just send us your design with a clear SVG,PDF,PNG or JPG format,then we can display your Logo on the cookware where you wanted.

There are much more variation for choosing the bottom structure,just like sandwich bottom stainless steel cookware,stainless steel copper bottom cookware,sandwich bottom cookware,stainless steel with copper bottom and so on,each bottom structure has different technology.

Mars offer different finishing treatments to meet our clients requirement,just like mirror polish,satin polish,eletroplate,painting and non-stick coating,based on different cookware patterns.

As a manufacturer of cookware,when we get all these necessary datas,our team will prepare to make a sample first then send you for comfirmation or adjustment,then we revise sample until  get confirmation before mass production.

Our Collaborated Companies

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to our valued customers for their unwavering support and trust. Moving forward, Mars cookware manufacturer will continue to uphold our commitment to maintaining high standards and competitiveness in the industry. In addition, we are dedicated to furthering our development of new and innovative products in stainless steel cookware manufacturing. Our mission remains steadfast in providing exceptional customer service, quality products, and advancing our overall brand excellence. We appreciate your continued partnership, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Our work process

In our cookware manufacturing process,not all stainless steel cookware patterns are same work procedure which is based on different customization requirements,so we need to adjust the process to produce different patterns with high efficiency.But mostly the following processes are necessary at Mars cookware manufacturer;

stainless steel sheet cutting

According to different sizes,we need to caculate the precise surface area before starting to cut by auto machinery.

stainless steel sheet stretching

The stretch forming will be proceed 1 to 3 times whcih is based on the body height and different materails thickness.

stainless steel cookware annealing

Annealing is necessary process to prevent the burst of edge when the temperature is in big contrast.

stainless steel pot trimming

There will be a little margin on the edge that we need to trim after annealing.

stainless steel pot up type
Up type

The main purpose of up type is to flat the bottom which has a little bulge after former processes.

stainless steel cookware washing

The cookware body has been worked out now then we need to clean the grease on surface of stainless steel sheet.

stainless steel pan welding

We control the tempreture from 500 to1000 centigrade to weld different capsulted bottom with 10MPa highest pressure.

stainless steel cookware polishing

According to different orders` requirements,we need to ajust the rotate speed from 1500 to 3000r/min to polish the surface.

stainless steel saucepan assembling

Punch holes on body with different machines then assemble the handles or other knobs on the lids,finish the cookware manufacture.

stainless steel cookware set packing

Pack the cookware with color box which we can design it free for new patterns then we will arrange the shipment promptly.

Materials be used in cookware manufacturing

Mars Cookware Manufacturer has the ability to handle special materials for specific purposes. If you have such requirements, please provide us with your detailed specifications and standards.Typically, we use a range of materials in our cookware, each with its own distinct properties and strengths,details are below;

stainless steel cookware materials

Main Ingredients: 16-18% Chromium, 3-5.5% Nickel, 5.5-7.5% Manganese, <0.15% Carbon, higher levels of Nitrogen.

Characteristic:Stainless steel 201 is suitable for stretch forming products, good corrosion resistance,and it has no bubble and no pinhole characteristics in the polishing process, moreover the price of 201 is cost-effective than other stainless steel materials, so it is popularity in mid and low-end consumers.

Main Ingredients: 18-20% Chromium, 8-10.5% Nickel, <0.08% Carbon, <2% Manganese, <1% Silicon, <0.045% Phosphorus, <0.03% Sulfur.

Characteristic:Stainless steel 304 compared with 201 has stronger corrosion resistance and acid resistance, steel toughness and surface scratch resistance is better, but the material price is higher, complex in polishing process, however it`s good comprehensive preformance, so it`s the majority of mid and high-end consumers beloved choice.

Main Ingredients:16-18% Chromium, <0.75% Nickel, <0.6% Molybdenum, <0.035% Carbon, <1% Manganese, <1% Silicon, <0.03% Phosphorus, <0.03% Sulfur.

Characteristic:Stainless steel 430 is worse in corrosion resistance compared with 201 and 304, but it`s better thermal conductivity than austenite, smaller thermal expansion coefficient than austenite, heat resistance fatigue, good mechanical properties of weld parts,so normally it`s used in capsulted bottom as a wrapped sheet.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum sheet is the fastest, heat evenly, and it can store heat, with thermal insulation performance and more energy saving characteristics. Therefore, it`s widely used in the middle of the capsulted bottom for conducting heat.

For some customized cookware,some clients ask us to add the iron sheet in the middle of capsulted bottom,the purpose is to increase the weight of the stainless steel pot and pan, which is a better choice for those consumers who regard the weight feeling as important.

Moreover,in order to meet some high end cookware customers,we also use 3 ply stainless steel sheet or 5 ply stainless steel sheet for body and copper sheet for bottom,depends on your markets preference.

scope of application

Mars stainless steel cookware is versatile and suitable for a diverse range of applications, be it in-home, outdoor gardening or excursions. It is compatible with a multitude of heat sources, including gas, electric ceramic, induction, electric stove, and camping wood fire, making it an excellent option for diverse cooking needs.

cookware for gas stove
cookware for gas stove
cookware for induction stove
cookware for induction stove
cookware for electric ceramic stove
cookware for electric ceramic stove
cookware for electric stove
cookware for electric stove
camping cookware for woodfire
camping cookware for woodfire


Mars is highly concerned about the quality as a cookware manufacturer.To ensure that we meet all necessary regulations and requirements, we rigorously test each and every product prior to delivery. Our testing partners include industry leaders such as SGS, Intertek, BV, BACL, and DEKRA. By prioritizing quality and safety in our manufacturing process, we aim to create a mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers. We are confident that our dedication to excellence will result in a positive experience for all parties involved.

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What our clients say about us

“We've been buying from this cookware factory for several years and have always been impressed with their high quality and reliability. Their products are always consistent, and their services are exceptional.We are keeping to develop some new items and would like to expend more business with them in future.Highly recommend!”
Mars cookware manufacturer client
Patricia Muller
Buyer Manager
“We've cooperated with many cookware manufacturers in China, and this factory stands out from the rest. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is second-to-none. They consistently deliver on their promises and are always willing to work with us to meet our specific needs. We're very happy with our working relationship with them.”
Mars cookware factory client
Michael Clark
“Mars is one of custom cookware manufacturers which is a reliable and trustworthy partner for our supermarket. Their products are consistently of high quality and their customer service is excellent. We appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to meeting our specific needs, will recomme them to any business looking for a great supplier.”
Mars stainless steel cookware manufacturer client
Kent Milestone
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